Monday, April 20, 2020

Life purpose

the meaning of life the meaning you give it.

There's a lot of acceleration in the bodhi, a lot of realisation as purpose...yet is it it beautiful

To accelerate the bodhi, is to increase the speed of enlightenment through torque. Is that beautiful...profound?   Indeed IT IS

Is it shared wisdom, love and wellbeing, it is freedom ...yet what is freedom, the contrast of imply freedom, the simplicity is radical and botanical

Torq is the enlightened being that ascended from the lovewell of family, ancestry, experience, and life learning through meditation and experiences of such, difficulty and mastery could be viewed as the sAMe thing..sAMe sooouund ...different vocation....sAMe shit different day sCenARio....yet all things are different ..BY DIFFERENTIATION

Well Bodhi Torque was given Life purpose from 9 days into a raw lifestyle, that's how fast things can change....accelerate

That purpose "to enlighten and awaken your natural presence" through the provision of products and services central to the axis of nature, a deep love of life, and all beings

A Buddha is in one Pinterest post I just read...said to be not such a title as a practice, meaning the awakened one.....practicing patience, compassion and loving kindness ....essentially vegan or better wonder patience and compassion are in there....for yourself! haha ...while one grows enough to realise ohh they're living and free how I would choose....eventually patience becomes self recognition and a well done....

this is a pretty reasonable cognition with regard's sort of empathy of a profound nature...ever enlightening...yet here's a web profile for con-tra-st

'What does it mean to have compassion?
compassion. If someone shows kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others, they're showing compassion. This is a word for a very positive emotion that has to do with being thoughtful and decent. ... When you have compassion, you're putting yourself in someone else's shoes and really feeling for them.' (what if u like to go barefoot! 💓 ..soulful dude !)
To help must obviously be able to help self...ironically ,one can not genuinely help another without helping oneself that true? hmmm go vegan or better....that way you have sOMe sort of baseline goodness 'lived' to draw upon 

Compassion , I have oft also derived to sOMe extent compass-i-on, an instrument of bearing that shows a course of honour and also have seen it to be the passion that is like oneness ...the spark or divine 'common' to ALL

I could go on ..but Y ? have life to live, life to give love to be and see, and feel and reel...yet ohh y oh whY would one go so high
well....for the thrill of course , the ecstasy , the meaning , the end of suffering , the perpetualisation of kindness and wellbeing ...need I say more...

Have a great day! ..the immortal 'way' LOVE

Torq xoxxo

Thanks! ...Grat max to shutterstock (images) and for compassion def...cheers!  💓

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Blessings be cOMing

  So you want to bless the world ehh ... how bout blessin' yo self first ..  and BEin' a blessin un2 the world ... yes U  bet