Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mangakino Gym

What...wHere...yes now...that's your well one thrives. The gym features a fairly full array of equipment, great staff and various usage options...including an incredible casual'd be crazy to and or not to check in...and check out.... YES ....Seal was write right...even if U go Left....if ya gonna thrive...ya may hafta get a little a kiss from a Rose, you'll knows.

So how did one come to be Here...the wonder of of one's infinite brillance in the form of radiance through creative talent and wellbeing....aka being a TigerHandy master.

Check out the blog Here...YES ...when one has chosen to update I'll post hyperlink ..but not too wishes for illustrious balance and of course Bliss, joy, profound happiness.

Love love love
your master in peace, profound pleasure and wellbeing
Torq Lovewell  (aka Stephen John Busch, the Bodhitorque master de manifesto love) 😍

Monday, January 28, 2019


Vitality, Vandana, vixationally ventrical vibrational vehicle, very vivacious, vortexually vimming vibes vastly victorious, very vocationally vamped, viewed, vowed, visioned vixations, verbally vibed vivaciously voluptuous, virtually vernacular venting, very vital, vastly vehement, venture vistfully V

Vvv vitally vibe'n , very vast

Sunday, October 14, 2018

From Matrix to Magnificence

The Matrix a film, a projection...much as one can project MANage and still rEACH one's POTentiAl...yet hay I jus May
Free your mind...yet what IS 'your' MINd?
We or I AM utilising language ..yet how did I ...and what IS I ,, cOMe by dis LANgUage...well that would be orgasm...procreation by language is love in essence ...procreated by distraction and effort to intoxicate U to le amour de oneness or holy union with 'your' cosmic self...y our ..y o u r ...yes why R u here or R ..why O you are... If I chose not to share this that would be what... Selfish...or educated...that's right interpretation is key... Or infusion of PASSION personified profoundly ...for what purpose... If the word creates worlds...let there be light....and there was...yet whose word...what is being created ...all on the assumption that light if you c such came to be by a being's speech or vocalisation of language... that could create the imagination onto the ...well let there be light is really illumination by a source of light...but why...because we could not see...or the creator could not c what light was in terms of excelment.... Yet to feel  excelment is to feel a sense of pride and graduation in ability lived out or made into perceptual... It's a gauge ..your lightworker abilities...or your ability to manifest with the light or project of source energy...why not sauce energy..
Like orgasm....Well...that would be lovewell ...or would it...what is the matrix a piece of cake in appearance contained the inFORMation or experience recorded and able to be transferred to the eater...or consumer...such that biological bliss ...why bio logic al's a word..but it's the 'connection' with the word means life or living ...logic...sort of like conscious choice ... al .. the motion or flow ..and as I am thinking or thinking I'm thinking each word creates what perception or actual events determined by 'my' level of consciousness ...or light propagation of my aura as a light source...sauce haha or squirter haha ...coming from a distance....yet not as it's proportionate to self consciousness or realisation...real lies a shun ...real is at I on ...something I believe to be real in that I am presented with a objectional immersion within dimensional actuality or experience...yet if experience is a product of is one separate or influencer of the product by means of thinking or awareness of self and what is exposed, consumed or otherwise believed to be needed or utilised for the purpose of entertainment, creation or or sustainment...yet not like that...if you were to unplug...what would that unplug from thought...consumption...or any outside input...yet if outside is outpictured product of consciousness wouldn't just changing attitude or perception completely shift quality and actuality in proportion ..mos def. ...yet u r knot deff U R the body can really speak for U or against this creates worlds re-member...yet to honour U.... YES... That IS to ...g i v e  you verse in u n i.... freedom beyond word deed or act I on ...innateness... Self expression of the freed a song for the masses ..
What I mean is your not average your the evolution of ... the energiser scratch my that's yummy...thank U hunny ..haha.

Can you say anything is real beyond your choices...I'm looking at a mirror...a very cool one at that..yet that is not what i'm see'n...I'm see'n particular the way light or reflection appears....what if you were so immersed in the dream that you accepted reality as what you see...that is why we feel SEE what is REAL.. here ..but what is here...the present...but is it so...a gift...sow your gifts....ok we get sOMe wHERE. G I F T.    G (god, guru, genie ..the ALL creative of ALL ... I F  is ..well grammatically ...if is originality if you can muster that'll have fun and belong to no one but at one with all.... T haha tea Mr Smythers ..gosh how did you know...well I didn't monsieur ..but I ave faith...ironically or bionically T is knot tea it's dinner haha possibly .. 
T is The freedom to create from originality....the yum of the gUm to speak.....tee is a beginning...T is a doorway into the past, present and future....yet not the one U imagine...yes the door to the LOVE U R

<3 <3 L O V E  Torq,
the bodhitorque mouse ;) 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Personal empowerment

Per son a l    em power ment
   So purr (per), the Sun (son) ehhh (a) hope (l)  , personal: is the light of hope of oneself personal to U, so the light of love within that animates every principle of life and beyond....and to empower this is to share it.
For example ..Bodhi Torque is that which enables freedom and expression of the extraordinary within you...that which was once never made but NOW IS, that is how awakened to the love U R, thrU birth or rebirth you are magnificent free and exceptionally versed in creative potential and it's manifestation into form ..or matter...that which matters most... Love

Saturday, September 8, 2018


The divine pussy, man's wholey quest...or a test of metamorphic genius. Of course it need be neither...instead the sublime difference between here and now...either way...i.e. neither we're here right now creating the divine being that we know this ..You R Well, and ALL is Phenomenally well to be sUccessful...U simply R... No need to have to be this ...or that or the rainbow INbtween...yet if you so choose ...well alrighty then...enjoy...deploy...and ignite your passion to fashion reality de here..
I love you just as you are...yet to see the wonder that is inside you...that is special indeed....and the deed of the soul it is that is, full on, rambunctious, freedom there of...grasp that and you have made enormous strides today...avec le amour.
Love love love
Monsieur Lovewell
le bodhitorque MAN 💗👉💖

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bliss now

Bodhi Torque posts are posters of bliss 4 all, in such that if we're one, it has to be fun, yet life is perhaps infinite in depth and capacity of both experienced and creator'ness' of that which goes through emotion. Enrichment, wellbeing, love,
soulfulness...couldn't we wrap that into one awesome expression....nope, some things need to be divergent yet not to a point of this is jus the cha OS...and operating systems are wonderful jus as U Surely quintessentially yes cha cha is creativeness to the highest order of love...else would it b a dance....provocateur...provocatriX haha, most eXcellent creator's we be and as a bodhi torquer ...if you so choose to envision the penultimate eXpression and eXperience de soul, de love, d'amour U B

BELIEVE and ACT as the most eXcellent CREATOR

And without eVen a rub of the lamp...


Now have fun
Love love
Torq, Stephen

the bodhitorque MAN

Saturday, April 15, 2017

R U loving Life...

and if not...why, why not...& how to

Assuming your answer was YES, your doing what you love, right, your free in self,,,and in particular ...around others, everything flows, your constantly amazed, well recognising the awe and miraculous nature ..the sheer wonder and pure magnificence of BEing ALIVE.

There is specialNESS in all that U do , FUN is a factor and a dominator without dominating haha, seriously 'your' great to be around AND with, erotically your love is off the charts, intimacy and well being are consummate with your every breath, you have a lot of space to jus be, and appreciate life for the beauty, bliss, wonder, nature is bounty, movement acceleration, and joy forgiveness and freedom.

In short U love life ...& lead life, living fully present, fully realised, fully aware and passionately driven, relaxed and awe inspiring, you make a profound difference and phenominal example of the freedom and passion of purpose and presence, being a gift to the sheer wonder and infinite potential,,,called human being.