Monday, January 10, 2022

SOmetIMe the Tied changes

 ..and ONE is free to be all that can other words one is now, content, present , aforDavid 4 loving peace, shinny bright souls..and well being.

Kind it a reality ..or jusT HUman neyture haha

Love all ..serve all ...Monday Tuesday Wednesday..happy days ....eeeehhhhh serve all ..if all is one...isn't that self serving? πŸ’―!! wouldn't  that be loving self fully and always ..absolutely!!! High degree in expectation there ...not really one is is added to this other words ...perfect as you are ...and freed of imperfection notions..flow is restored ...well dunt quite feel right

Could heaven on earth be the place to be... well

It's the grounded activities...namaste..

The important things...those that one imports into the brain ..from divine intelligence ...loving infinite source

So what is that in-tell-i-g-en-ce ..yes it is your God given grace to create well...bodaciously infact

Could it be a cult, well wouldn't  that be cult is of culture cult-u- r -e eeehhhhh haha happy daaeehhyyzz

Lover ..that watt U be, knot tryin  2 put words in yo mouth ..unless that be chocolate, succulent unrobed glory🌞

Well was worth a shot ..writing oneself to the epitome of all in dusty phrase written by daze ..when it could be channeled divine intention...

Such is the greatness of one's soul in this moment ..a revolution of kindness of love touch the heart and soul at precise moments of they extend beyond me ..yummy u bet cha why doth one channel

To open the heart center   do this each ..hide and play seek the castle...when you! ARE the Cast-le mast-er haha  ..flyin ..indeed πŸ’—❣it

So why knot build.. haha..b U the castle of here nOw is won πŸ† in reverse one expectancy is just divine blessing in advance...when the reality is KIND ...we're kind-re-d ...kind hearted ..of each other..

Balls to bones ...u just know


Aka the love Master base jumping cast-le❣

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Blessings be cOMing

  So you want to bless the world ehh ... how bout blessin' yo self first ..  and BEin' a blessin un2 the world ... yes U  bet