Sunday, June 28, 2020

R U loving Life...?

and if not...why?,...and how to 💖✌🐝

Assuming your answer was YES, you're doing what you love, right, you're free in self,,,and in particular ...around others, everything flows, your constantly amazed, well recognising the awe and miraculous nature ..the sheer wonder and pure magnificence of BEing ALIVE.

There is specialNESS in all that U do , FUN is an implicit factor, seriously 'you're' great to be around AND with, erotically your love is off the charts, intimacy and well being are consummate with your every breath, you have a lot of space to jus be, and appreciate life for the beauty, bliss, wonder, greatly enjoying nature's bounty, movement, acceleration, joy, forgiveness and freedom.

In short U love life ...& lead life, living fully present, fully realised, fully aware and passionately driven, relaxed and awe inspiring, you make a profound difference being a phenomenal example of freedom, passion of purpose and an enliving unconditionally loving presence, being a gift to the ultimate wonder and infinite potential;  .. known as hUman BEing.


If your reading this why may have slipped away...dissolved in the beauty of you.
Look I believe there is nothing I could do to change you...cause I wouldn't want to mess with perfection...with love of the unconditional nature...
I'm on wix .com's where all the wizards hangout and thrive 👣🌈💗 
(I believe in U)

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