Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Love comes

bring home the deli monster, thy ferabend ...I am well ..and yoU ....Awesome ....spectacular ! ...thanku for asking
Whats on the canvas?...Dreams to be fulfilled, ,,,,a dream is a wish the heart makes, what do you reckon to that One...Novel ,,,yet not affirmed as it could do with some shinning....lift it up to the sky's limit and beyond

Build an interstellar spaceship with warp capability, teleportation and wormhole navigation, cosmic consciousness actuation and profound realisation ....awesome lifestyle manifesting fully N O W harmoniously loved and accepted fully as my right to love life and live, ney astound oneself brilliantly audaciously, auspiciously, miraculously wholey profoundly published author and auspicious actor , singer, lover, family motivator masterfully successful in all respects ....blasting into space with fulfillment now.
My beautiful car techier , zenier , teslaier haha novel wondrous balistic bike and car, truck and home match love and wellbeing in ecstasy , profoundness....P A S S I O N to fashion life and love clearly and, profoundly N O W ...and SO IT I S ....wow I can't believe the clarity and passion of dream realisation ...ACTUALLY I CAN ,,,And I AM CLEAR, FULFILLED, PASSIONATE, NOW and ALWAYS 

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