Monday, July 20, 2020

Transformation of life to love..the one U absoulutely adore

Beautifully...that is how to thrive it beautiful ...course one IS

So ..sow the seeds of love...tend to them...torq and enrich

Previously I wrote ...what is 'it' that U really love ...yet upon deciding upon a musical interlude from writing I exited the app ..and what I wrote slipped into ...where ...I wrote 'it' ..but gONE ..
autosave I thought ...nup ...perhaps life is so much more than apps and's the gratitude for capacity to share...and to do such things on and with the weird science aka can oh know ledgey haha that trek..
Yes cap'n ..I eye ...hoist ye jolly roger
Sow have or has one attributed wisdom to or from lifestyle...
Let's revisit what Woz written what is it that U really love?
Of course derivations of perception, interpretation and vibration , meanings accepted and attributed to conscious cognition as what these words create and or move one to procreate reality or simply uplevel oneself.
These are sOMe of the variables in language use and thus creation...if you believe ...and in the begining wOz the word...they'z probably torq'n bout fuck...and God said "fuck it !" ..and it wass goooood haha ...Sow he made man...blew out the candle ...and lit the fire ..and made woman...ohh dear he I've done it ! ...and he wOz rite ...righteous I meAn haha ...fuck it! haha.. I've done my best...the rest is up to yoU ...-GOd haha

Forest in my heart a lovely piece of art on canvas ..that I gifted my Mum..hey why wOz actually the first I had heard that phrase...and to see it in 'reality' ..printed these very words...ohh and to make it into life...and love..yet I also love 'forest'...of course..for est ..or .. for IS ..and fo rest ...suggest ..and forest IS for 'rest' R is aarrrhhh haha...

Witch reminds me ...If a man speaks in a forest ..and there is no woman to hear he still wrong ...haha...I saw that on the back of a spare tyre cover ..coincidently presented apt momento by the glorious u-n-i-verse ...haha 'duck it ! ..gOd taught haha .

.I'll send 'm sOMe wizdumb haha ...and it wIz funny ...back then...but now I see ...that the sea belongs to love..and love belongs to know one ...bUt itself...and the beaUty of beast in flesh ...weeee haha name MAN haha even in that word backwards ...e man ...what ! ...U meAn ..He man ...know her man ...knows no rest but what is best .... Love

It is such a beautiful thing that one lest call but seek not to seek love ...but to be love
"to thine own self be true" ...

True to unconditionally, accept and approve of oneself, exactly As u r 

Says cOMe as you R, and be held, loved and assured unconditionally u R loved, just as you are, .

..and there wOz beauty re-main-i-n-g  , g  he thought what shall I do, and then realised it was never up to you
but thine own self be true he pulled out his compass and lead a course set by the stars..
the north, the south, the east and the west
the four winds that caught his breath
each to his/her own he thought
And the tide came and cast off the bow line abreast shores untravelled

Ebry mickel makia muckle

Sow be your deed ..large
or smALL 

And God said ..well fuck it! 
YoU R right
she was 

You've brains in your feet 
Love in your shoes
fragrant dreams to peruse
let love emanate thru U's
with zest in his heart
he new thine own self be true

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Blessings be cOMing

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