Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bliss now

Bodhi Torque posts are posters of bliss 4 all, in such that if we're one, it has to be fun, yet life is perhaps infinite in depth and capacity of both experienced and creator'ness' of that which goes through emotion. Enrichment, wellbeing, love,
soulfulness...couldn't we wrap that into one awesome expression....nope, some things need to be divergent yet not to a point of this is jus the cha OS...and operating systems are wonderful jus as U Surely quintessentially yes cha cha is creativeness to the highest order of love...else would it b a dance....provocateur...provocatriX haha, most eXcellent creator's we be and as a bodhi torquer ...if you so choose to envision the penultimate eXpression and eXperience de soul, de love, d'amour U B

BELIEVE and ACT as the most eXcellent CREATOR

And without eVen a rub of the lamp...


Now have fun
Love love
Torq, Stephen

the bodhitorque MAN

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Blessings be cOMing

  So you want to bless the world ehh ... how bout blessin' yo self first ..  and BEin' a blessin un2 the world ... yes U  bet